Portrait of Tamar Hopkins

Tamar Hopkins

Tamar Hopkins is the founding lawyer of FKCLC's Police Accountability Project and has been litigating, researching and writing in area of racial profiling and police accountability since 2006. 

Tamar was a member of the legal team in number of high profile cases including Haile-Michael v Konstantindis & Ors (Federal Court, settled 2013), DPP v Kaba [2014] VSC 52 (18 December 2014), and the UN Human Rights Committee claim, Horvath v Australia [2014].  She has been the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships including the 2010 LIV Community Lawyer of the Year, Tim McCoy Awards in 2006 and 2014, VLF Fellowship 2008 and a Reichstein Fellowship in 2015.  She was short-listed in 2013 for the Australia Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Award. She is currently doing a PhD at UNSW on racial profiling.