Portrait of Susan Carland

Susan Carland

Susan Carland is an academic, author, and social commentator. She has a PhD from Monash University’s School of Social Sciences, and she is the director of the Bachelor of Global Studies, also at Monash University.

Her first book, Fighting Hislam, was published by Melbourne University Publishing in 2017, and her writing has appeared in the Guardianthe Agethe Saturday Paper, in academic publications and in numerous anthologies.

Susan is a regular Friday panellist on ABC TV’s News Breakfast and hosted the ABC Radio National Series Assumptions. She has guest-hosted on ABC Melbourne radio and was co-creator and presenter of SBS’s Salam Café. She has appeared on the Agony series, LatelineQ and AThe Project7:30The DrumHome Delivery, and has featured in Harper's BazaarDumbo Feather, the Australian Women’s WeeklySunday Life and 200 Women.

In 2017, she presented on a panel at the United Nations in Geneva as a guest of The Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement. Susan is an Ambassador of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.