Portrait of Stephanie Winkler

Stephanie Winkler

Stephanie is a cultural strategist and insights specialist from Melbourne. She currently works as a Director for Crowd DNA, following five years as Head of Insight at VICE Media Group APAC. Steph uses data to tell stories and uncover the unique human truths that help brands make a genuine connection with culture. From rebranding condom companies to building new beverage products, her background in youth media, marketing, research and analytics has given her a wide breadth of experience across many categories in Australia, Asia and beyond. She is an accomplished keynote speaker, frequenting events like Pause Festival, AdWeek APAC, REMIX, YMA and Future Of Culture. When she takes a breather from all of that, you’ll spot her cooking, camping, teaching (marketing and data analytics at RMIT University and General Assembly), and switching her phone off.