Portrait of Sherman Young

Sherman Young

Associate Professor Sherman Young is Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University. He is also the Deputy Head of the Department of Media, Music and Cultural Studies, where he teaches new media theory and production.

His research focuses on the cultural impact of the new media technologies. Sherman is the author of The Book is Dead, Long Live the Book. In addition to chronicling the death of the (printed) book, his current research projects include explorations of the music industry and a forthcoming book on Media Convergence with Palgrave MacMillan in the UK.

Sherman has PhD from the University of Queensland, examining Australian online services regulation. He also has a MA (Media, Technology & Law) from Macquarie University and a BSc (Design) from UNSW.

Prior to becoming an academic, he ran a multimedia production company producing a variety of multimedia products for corporate and publishing clients.