Portrait of Sharifa Tartoussi

Sharifa Tartoussi

Sharifa Tartoussi is a poet and spoken word artist based in Melbourne. Her work focuses on identity politics and the struggles and triumphs of existing in a world that is constantly debating her right to do so. Her work has seen her on several stages across Victoria and New South Wales over the past four years, ranging from Sydney Opera House to inner city parking lots at twilight.

On the administrative front, Sharifa co-founded GriffinSpeak in 2016 with fellow artist Joumana Soueid, before taking on the project as a solo endeavour in 2018. GriffinSpeak runs quarterly and aims to provide space for marginalised populations around Melbourne to tell their stories. She released her first chapbook, ColourBlind, in early 2018, and a single poem zine titled on love and migration in early 2019.