Portrait of Seb Prowse

Seb Prowse

Seb Prowse loves big old buildings where people gather to pontificate - but has somehow avoided a career in either Parliament or the Church. Thus far, anyway.

A proud South Aussie who fled Adelaide on his seventeenth birthday, Seb’s first home away from home was the Melbourne Uni Student Union. After graduating magna sine laude, he wandered down Lygon St to Trades Hall and ran the New International Bookshop for seven years. When gravity finally prevailed over inertia, he rolled down Russell to Little Lon - where he started out as a Wheeler Centre usher, was made a front of house supervisor, then Operations Manager.

If you see Seb around, say hi and share a story. When not managing events or tending the building, he continues his experimental research into the evolution of Northside clichés. He is currently a bearded, bespectacled, barefoot-running vegaquarian DJ who lives with his betrothed on the banks of the Merri Creek. You can’t miss him.