Portrait of Sara Bice

Sara Bice

Sara Bice is a social scientist and director of research translation for the Melbourne School of Government. She’s spent much of her career working with communities, corporations and government affected by mining, oil and gas projects to reduce social impacts and improve policy outcomes.

She is co-chair, corporate stewardship and risk management, for the International Association for Impact Assessment. She has won awards for her academic writing, and her book, Responsible Mining, is soon to be published by Routledge.

Sara’s eclectic career has seen her interning at a North Carolina rock radio station, doing international development work with Oxfam Australia, and working as project director for a women’s empowerment network, business school lecturer and self storage expert.

A Melburnian by heart, not by birth, her work has taken her to distant communities around the world including Papua New Guinea, West Africa and the Australian outback.