Portrait of Rana Hussain

Rana Hussain

Rana Hussain is a Diversity and Inclusion leader making important inroads into Australian sporting culture and the community at large. One of a handful of women of colour working in sports administration, Rana is a pioneer and a passionate advocate for social inclusion and reducing discrimination through the vehicle of sports and media. She was recently appointed as the Diversity & Inclusion manager at Cricket Australia.

Rana’s desire to see more diversity in both media and sport sees her podcasting and broadcasting for the ABC.

Rana is a Board Member of the Victorian Women’s Trust and sits on the Collingwood Football Club Anti-Racism expert group. She is also a consultant on the DoMore project and for the Ben Simmons Family Foundation.  

Critical thinking skills, personal leadership, creative content and the ability to bridge social divides makes Rana a valuable addition to any room.