Portrait of Naomi Cass

Naomi Cass

Naomi Cass is the director of the Centre for Contemporary Photography as well as a curator and writer who has worked in the fields of contemporary art, craft and design.

Curator and writer, Naomi Cass has worked in the fields of contemporary art, craft, design and music since completing her honours degree at the University of Melbourne. Naomi is Director of Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Fitzroy, Melbourne. In 2009 she initiated Flash a quarterly journal of reviews, interviews and comment on photography and video, published by Centre for Contemporary Photography.

As curator her exhibitions include Fears and Scruples, MaleORDER: Addressing Menswear with Robyn Healy and Tilia Europaea. In her work with the Grainger Museum she produced two programs of contemporary art and music for the Melbourne International Arts Festival Electric-Eye and The Many Faces of Percy Grainger. Her most recent exhibition is the major survey of Simryn Gill’s photography, Simryn Gill: Inland.

Many years ago Naomi was Museum critic for the Herald Sun.