Portrait of Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Michael’s first ever foray into filmmaking took the grand prize at the 2008 Escapist Film Festival. In the fallout, he got a job with the company directing the largely forgotten American-produced web series Doomsday Arcade.

Since then, he’s curated the popular YouTube channel Timtimfed which features a variety of high concept film and comedy content, and has over 35 million views. A multi-faceted filmmaker, he is an award-winning writer, director, musician and visual effects artist. He’s won various awards for his work in music videos, from directing clips of his own band to more recent work with artists such as Guy Pearce on his sophomore musical release, Storm. He is yet to win awards for acting. 

Most recently, he created the SBS2 series The Wizards of Aus, which he directed/co-wrote/acted/composed and produced visual effects for. He is deeply unhappy and this bio is a cry for help.