Portrait of Mama Alto

Mama Alto

Mama Alto is a gender transcendent diva, cabaret artiste, jazz singer and community activist. She is a non-binary trans femme person of colour who works with the radical potential of storytelling, strength in softness and power in vulnerability.

Fierce, femme & fabulous, she has been lauded as 'divine' (Havana Tribune, Cuba), 'near flawless' (the Age), and 'a knockout' (the Herald Sun). She fascinates audiences with 'an idiosyncratic mix of statuesque fragility' (the Music) and is described as 'transcendent' (Stage Whispers), 'breathtaking' (ArtsHub), 'hypnotically beautiful, elegant & mysterious' (Adelaide Advertiser) and 'bewitching' (SameSame).

Drawing on legacies of vintage torch singers and her own identity as a queer person of colour, Mama Alto’s vocal and visual aesthetic transcend gender, disrupting & discomforting societal constructions of dichotomous boundaries. By embracing perceived difference she reclaims narratives of othering, defies the normative and rejoices in the sublime.