Portrait of Lesley Truffle

Lesley Truffle

London-born Australian Lesley Truffle has travelled extensively and worked in London and Japan. Her first novel Hotel du Barry was published in February 2016 and she is currently working on her second novel Sacha Torte.

At present she’s living in a garret in Melbourne. She’s worked as a secondary teacher, photographer, hotel maid, fringe actor and in art galleries, bars, nightclubs and other jobs too ghastly to mention. 

While exhibiting her art photography in Melbourne galleries Lesley realised she wanted to create imaginary stories and interior monologues, and returned to writing. Her fiction piece, ‘A Man of Fashion’, was published in Scarlet Stiletto – The Second Cut in 2011, and ‘Memoir of a Trollop’was performed by Baggage Theatre Company in 2013.