Portrait of Larin Sullivan

Larin Sullivan

Larin Sullivan is a film writer and director. Her 2013 documentary, Soul, explores death and metaphysics through sustainable burial garment design with artist and celebrant Pia Interlandi. Soul aired on the ABC in March as part of the award-winning Anatomy Arts series produced by Matchbox Pictures, and is currently nominated for an ATOM Award for Best Experimental Film.

Larin moved to Australia from New York City after earning her masters degree at Columbia University School of Arts Film Division. However, she began her career in Los Angeles, where she worked on the Sundance Film Festival programming team from 2002-2005, and in the writing and editing rooms of the drama series Mad Men and The L Word.

Larin currently works as a producer of short-form documentary and arts related content. Her next long-form project, an Australian biographical political drama, is currently in development.