Portrait of Kylie Lindorff

Kylie Lindorff

Kylie is Manager of Tobacco Control Policy at the Cancer Council Victoria in Australia. She has been working in tobacco control for 18 years, holding various positions within both government and non-government organisations. In 2010 she was seconded to the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing for 15 months to lead the team tasked with developing Australia’s tobacco plain packaging legislation. Kylie is a member of the Government’s Expert Advisory Group on Plain Packaging.  

She also Chairs the Cancer Council Australia’s Tobacco Issues Committee and is closely involved in work on the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

 Recently Kylie has worked intensively with colleagues in Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, France, Norway and Canada to assist them with progressing plain packaging and is collaborating with colleagues in other regions to provide ongoing advice.

Her work spans all aspects of tobacco control policy including smokefree areas, packaging and labelling, tobacco pricing and retail issues and for this area of public health, measures to stop tobacco industry from interfering with public health policy. Her particular areas of tobacco control expertise are in policy, advocacy and legislative development.