Portrait of Kutcha Edwards

Kutcha Edwards

As one of Australia’s most respected and renowned Indigenous singer/songwriters and proud Mutti Mutti man, Kutcha’s music and community work has earned him iconic status amongst both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. What Kutcha shares through his songs and stories elicit an audience connection and sense of belonging.

Kutcha has toured, performed and forged connections both nationally and internationally. He has recorded several albums with others and, since going solo and forming The Kutcha Edwards Band in 2002, has produced Cooinda (2002), Hope (2007) and Blak & Blu (2012).

Kutcha has also produced two musical theatre works, Songlines of a Mutti Mutti Man receiving a VIPA Award in 2009 and yuyukatha. He is a radio broadcaster and producer, is frequently engaged as a guest speaker, to work within the education and business sectors, and as a mentor for his community.