Portrait of Kirsten Krauth

Kirsten Krauth

Kirsten Krauth is a writer and editor who lives in Castlemaine. She is the author of just_a_girl, the editor of Australian Author and Newswrite literary magazines, and writes on film, visual arts and literature for many publications including the Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and ABC Arts.

Kirsten's debut novel just_a_girl is an edgy and disturbing look at the dark side of contemporary life. Described as ‘Lolita with a webcam’, it’s an adult book with teenage themes, where all the characters — teens, middle-aged and in between — are coming of age.

She is a keen supporter of new and innovative writing and was a judge of the 2013 SMH Best Young Australian Novelist Awards. Kirsten has appeared at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, Clunes Booktown, Bendigo Writers’ Festival and on Radio National’s Life Matters and Books and Arts Daily talking about girls growing up too fast in just_a_girl.