Portrait of Kerry-Anne Walsh

Kerry-Anne Walsh

Kerry-Anne Walsh worked as a press secretary in the Hawke government before joining the Daily Telegraph’s Canberra bureau. Known as ‘KA’, Kerry-Anne remained in the federal parliamentary press gallery for the next quarter of a century, occupying senior posts in print, radio and TV: as national affairs writer for seven years for the Bulletin magazine, for the Sun-Herald for just shy of seven years and for News Limited’s Sunday Telegraph.

KA also worked for the Daybreak program on ABC Radio National and Channel Ten’s Face to Face. She wrote for the Irish Times, the South China Morning Post, the Singapore Straights Times and other international publications, and was a regular on ABC TV’s Insiders program and a string of radio programs. KA left the press gallery in August 2009 to establish KA Communications. She remains in Canberra and is a political commentator on Sky Agenda, and on radio programs.