Portrait of Ken Crispin

Ken Crispin

Dr Ken Crispin has written his book The Quest for Justice based on his experience as a barrister, QC and judge.

In 1973 Dr Ken Crispin became a practicing barrister in Sydney. He moved his practice to Canberra in 1979, where he appeared for a number of high-profile defendants, including Lindy and Michael Chamberlain. In 1988 he was appointed Queen’s Counsel and appointed director of public prosecutions for the ACT in 1991, chairman of the Bar Association in 1996, a Supreme Court judge in 1997 and president of the ACT Court of Appeal in 2001. He chaired the ACT Law Reform Commission between 1996 and 2006.

Crispin has written The Quest for Justice looking at the problems of our legal system and two ‘wars facing our society: the War on Drugs and the War on Terror. He discussed his book recently on ABC’s The 7:30 Report.