Portrait of Kaarin Fairfax

Kaarin Fairfax

Kaarin grew up in the theatre at the feet of her father, George Fairfax, as he acted and directed shows at St. Martin’s - then called the Little Theatre. It was during this time that her passion and wonder for the magic of theatre, acting and the arts was ignighted.

After leaving school, Kaarin became an actor and performer, touring Australia for the next 15 years in theatre, film, TV, radio and singing in bands.

She moved to America for a few years with her husband and children, and started directing friends’ shows in Los Angeles.

Once back in Australia, Kaarin re-established her career, directing lots of wonderful theatre, and acting whenever she could. She was lucky enough to work with her family on One Night The Moon, spending two months filming in the Kimberly and homeschooling her children. It was a dream project, bringing together all that she loves.