Portrait of Jordan Raskopoulos

Jordan Raskopoulos

Jordan is a world class comedian, actor, singer and digital content creator. She is best know for her work as the front woman for comedy rock band The Axis of Awesome.

Jordan has written about transgender issues and spoken about her personal experience for numerous publications and media programs, including The Project, Archer Magazine and JUNKEE, and is an outspoken voice for trans rights and representation. She has become an inspiration to young LGBTQIA+ people by living her genuine life, openly and publicly, and being an outspoken campaigner for progress and understanding.

Jordan came out as a transgender woman in February 2016 on the Axis's YouTube channel, with a  funny yet touching video, What’s Happened to Jordan’s Beard?. In the video, Jordan explained the reason for her absent facial hair with grace and humour.

Since then, Jordan has become a role model to young trans people. She has brought transgender issues into her comedy routines and live performances. She has promoted awareness and understanding to a broad audience through humour. Her song about the trans experience, 'The Elephant in the Room', has reached over 180,000 people online and speaks straight to the hearts of trans people and allies alike.