Portrait of James Goodman

James Goodman

James Goodman has been on the management committee of the aid-monitoring group AidWatch since 1999. He has campaigned and researched on global justice issues since the mid 1990s and is co-author of a new book on the policy ideas of the global justice movement.

James played a central role in the AidWatch High Court case in 2010 that established the constitutional right for charities to be political, and to criticise government policy. He is an associate professor in the Social and Political Change Group at the University of Technology, Sydney.

He is co-author of Justice Globalism: Ideology, Crises, Policy (forthcoming with Sage), and co-editor of Crisis, Movement, Management: Globalising Dynamics (forthcoming with Routledge).

James has edited several books on the politics of globalisation, including Nationalism and Global Solidarities: Alternative Projections to Neoliberal Globalisation (Routledge, 2007); Nature’s Revenge: Reclaiming Sustainability in an Age of Corporate Globalism (Broadview, 2006); Protest and Globalisation: Prospects for Transnational Solidarity (Pluto, 2002); Moving Mountains: Communities confront Mining and Globalisation (Zed, 2002); and Stopping a Juggernaut: Public Interests versus the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (Pluto 2001).