Portrait of Ingrid Baring

Ingrid Baring

Ingrid Baring is a Melbourne writer, performer and poet. Currently she is working on her manuscript, White Safa – a memoir that investigates the legacy of her early childhood in apartheid South Africa.

Ingrid’s writing has been published in the Victorian Writer, Womankind and My Buffer Guest, and her short story 'Pernilla’s Pusillanimous Error' was commissioned by the Squid.

She was a café poet at Mileto’s café and later installed her extended love poem in an op shop window. Selected for Canberra’s HARDCOPY programme to develop her current manuscript, she was also artist-in-residence at Chantilly Studio, where she worked the early stages of White Safa.

Ingrid has a long inactive blog, Oh Platypus – and is now setting up the cheerfully named Frankie Goes Giraffe to document her creative process and activate her sleeping dragon-blogger.