Portrait of Gerii Pleitez

Gerii Pleitez

Gerii Pleitez is a fearless new literary voice. Her debut book On The Sunday, She Created God is a transgressive coming of age story that is both brutal and beautiful. A punk, postfeminist, punch in the face. Gerii's visceral poetic imagery strikes at the heart of what it is to be young, to desire and to want purpose in a world which is often without.

She is also the founder of Kara Sevda Press, a publisher dedicated to illuminating the voices of women of colour and First Nations women. The imprint is the cutting edge of modern literature and publishing; underground, digitally distinct and iconoclastic in its ethos. On The Sunday, She Created God was the first book released on the imprint and will be followed by a journal publication called BLEED BABY BLEED featuring work from women of colour, to be released in 2020.