Portrait of George Negus

George Negus

George Negus has written, directed and presented Australian commercial and public television current affairs since 1975 – with a special passion for international affairs and Australia’s place in the world.

He worked independently via Negus Media International for more than 20 years, as well as roles as presenter/interviewer and reporter for ABC’s Foreign Correspondent, Australia Talks and George Negus Tonight; Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes and Today Show; Channel Seven’s coverage of both Gulf Wars; SBS TV’s flagship international affairs program Dateline, and Ten Network’s 2011 news analysis program at 6/6.30pm. He continues in 2012 as occasional international/national affairs commentator on Australian TV and radio.

Books include the most recent bestsellers The World From Italy and The World from Islam and The World From Down Under, produced with Negus Media and publisher Harper Collins.