Portrait of Gala Vanting

Gala Vanting

Melbourne-based Gala Vanting is an award-winning erotic film producer, sex worker, educator, pleasure activist, and erotic imaginist.

She learned the art of filmmaking via the porn industry, and has been performing in porn since 2004 and producing it since 2007. She is now the co-owner (with partner Aven Frey) of Sensate Films, an independent erotic media producer pioneering the theory and praxis of Slow Porn, which holds the core values of intimacy, artful and honest depictions of all forms of eroticism, and the democratisation of sexy.

Sensate Films are the winner multiple accolades, including the 2012 Petra Joy Award, 2013 Feminist Porn Award and 2013 Cinekink Film Festival Award, and have screened their work internationally since 2012.