Portrait of Fabian Dattner

Fabian Dattner

Fabian comes from a well known Australian family, and is the founding partner of Dattner Grant, one of Australia’s best known specialist leadership consultancies.

Fabian’s insights into leadership and her fearlessness in challenging leaders to consider more inclusive, and indeed more profitable, forms of leadership are well acknowledged. She is widely recognised as a highly effective speaker, creative strategist, facilitator, teacher and social entrepreneur.

Fabian has a considerable number of both commercial and community achievements to her credit. She, she has twice been a runner-up in the state Telstra Businesswomen’s Awards, she is an Australia Day Ambassador, regularly contributes to various media around Australia on leadership issues, and was a monthly guest on the ABC’s Nightlife program with Tony Delroy for many years. She has also penned three books on leadership and has been included in many others.

Down-to-earth, informed, entertaining and provocative, Fabian has contributed as a speaker in over 500 organisations throughout Australia, South-East Asia and Europe and has run long-range leadership initiatives for hundreds more.