Portrait of Die Roten Punkte

Die Roten Punkte

Astrid and Otto are Die Roten Punkte (The Red Dots). Orphaned as kids when Astrid was 12 and Otto was 9, the brother and sister duo found shelter in a Berlin squat and never looked back. A Die Roten Punkte gig is a wild, rock‘n’roll cabaret ride, full of hilarious, truly catchy and award-winning pop songs, constantly interrupted by the squabbling of the dysfunctional siblings.

Described as ‘a lipstick-smeared, tantrum-loving, sonic collision between the B52s, Kraftwerk and early Ramones’, Die Roten Punkte are truly one of a kind.

Their accolades include being nominated for the TO&ST Cabaret (Time Out London/Soho Theatre), Edinburgh Fringe 2013, winning the Melbourne Green Room Awards for Cabaret 2008, and winning Best Comedy, Montreal & Victoria Fringe 2010.