Portrait of Diane Vu

Diane Vu

Diane is an ex production designer and stylist turned screenwriter. Sick of having too many opinions and not enough power to voice them (as well as being paid once for doing two completely different jobs), she decided to redirect her energies into developing the stories herself. She now much prefers spending her days battling writer’s block, ruinous perfectionism and unwavering imposter syndrome as well as binge watching television and reframing it as being 'driven', and ‘ambitious’.

Diane graduated from a Master of Screenwriting at the VCA in 2020 and since then has written, produced and acted in a short film called Mark Targets that is currently in post production. Drawn to truthful and modern representations of the minority experience, she rejects depressing poverty porn and embraces realistic tragicomedy. She explores issues such as poverty, abuse, shame, addiction and inherited trauma. It’s funny though, she promises.