Portrait of Diana Greentree

Diana Greentree

Diana began her working life in theatre, first as a classical dancer then later as an actress in theatre, film, radio and television. Her latest book is The Camros Bird, published by Horizon.

Her passion to write began at an early age with poetry and stories published in school magazines, and later her political ditties were featured in the Age.

Her screenplay, The Paper Bride, was funded by Film Victoria for a live reading at Cinema Nova. Her short film scripts, Take 2, have been published for schoolchildren.

Diana has travelled around the world and recently, long stays in Bali enabled her to work as Playreading Coordinator with the Ubud Writers Festival. She was honoured to have Benjamin Law launch The Camros Bird at the Byron Bay Writers Festival, followed by a launch with Julian Burnside at the Ubud Festival. The Camros Bird encompasses stories she learnt as a visitor to immigration detention centres, and with Actors for Refugees.