Portrait of David Nolte

David Nolte

David Nolte was is a former Melbourne City Councillor (1988-93) and Chair of City Finance (1991-93). He has owned and operated his own pharmacy in Carlton North for 35 years, and is standing for Lord Mayor in Melbourne’s 2012 council elections.

A human rights advocate, David controversially led Melbourne to be the world’s first city to welcome Nelson Mandela on his release and acknowledge the Dalai Lama. David also negotiated with Vladimir Putin to deliver humanitarian aid to St Petersburg in 1991. A philanthropist, David supports Aboriginal art and artists and champions formal recognition and celebration of our Aboriginal history.

He served 20 years as a Councillor to the Victorian Pharmacy Guild and 10 years as a National Councillor to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. He is an active advocate for improved mental health services and better support for the homeless and people with addictions.