Portrait of David Nichols

David Nichols

David Nichols is a writer and cultural commentator who is senior lecturer in urban planning at the University of Melbourne.

Dr David Nichols was born in Melbourne in 1965. His books include Community: Building Modern Australia (co-edited with Hannah Lewi), the bestselling The Bogan Delusion (2011) and the forthcoming Trendyville (co-authored with Renate Howe and Graeme Davison), a study of activism in Australia’s inner cities in the 1960s and 70s. Another (sole-authored) book, on the history of Australian popular music, is to be published in October 2013.

His specialty areas include urban, cultural and social history, with an emphasis on Australia but within a global context. He is an advocate for environmentally sensitive planning, but at the same time a supporter of suburbia and decentralisation.

Recently he has presented (with Elizabeth Taylor) the Triple R show The Urbanists, covering urban issues with a Melbourne planning focus.

He lives in Broadmeadows with his wife, artist Mia Schoen, and numerous pets.