Portrait of Danielle Whitfield

Danielle Whitfield

Danielle Whitfield is a writer and curator in the Fashion and Textiles Department at the National Gallery of Victoria. She has also published widely on the history of Australian fashion and contemporary design, including catalogue essays, scholarly articles (Berg Encyclopaedia of World Dress and Fashion) and book chapters (Australian Fashion Unstitched: The Last 60 Years), and was a contributing arts and fashion writer for Fashion Trend magazine.

Since 2001, when she joined the NGV, she has curated numerous exhibitions including Katie Pye; Clothes for Modern Lovers (2007), The Cecily and Colin Rigg Award 2003 (Textiles) and 2007 (Jewellery) with her colleagues, Black in Fashion: Mourning to Night (2008) and ManStyle (2011) and most recently, Fashion Detective (2014).