Portrait of Dagmar Leupold

Dagmar Leupold

Dagmar Leupold is a German poet.

Dagmar Leupold studied German literature, philosophy, and classical philology in Marburg and Tübingen, and comparative literature in New York, where she received her doctorate. She lives in Kirchseeon near Munich.

In 2010 she will hold the Liliencron Chair for Poetics at the University of Kiel this year. Her poetry publications include Wie Treibholz (Like Driftwood), Die Lust der Frauen auf Seite 13 (Women’s Desire on page 13), Byrons Feldbett (Byron’s Cot), and Destillate (Distillations) which contains short stories as well. Her novels are Federgewicht (Featherweight), and Ende der Saison (End of the Season).