Portrait of Claudia Escobar Vega

Claudia Escobar Vega

Claudia Escobar Vega has a PhD in leadership cognition and child development and works as a research fellow and casual academic at Deakin University Business School. Claudia's areas of research include leadership cognition, implicit leadership theory, child development, and socially constructed theories of leadership.

She has more than 20 years of experience consulting with children and young people. She has consulted with children from Colombia, Australia, Italy and Afghanistan and developed creative projects as a strategy to explore their thinking and feelings about specific issues and themes.

Claudia holds a PhD from the University of Wollongong (Australia), Master in Theatre Practice and a Postgraduate Diploma in Performance Creation from The University of Melbourne, Faculty of the VCA and Music (Australia); a Master in Management (Hons) and Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) and a BA in Industrial Design (Hons) from Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

She is the recipient of multiple awards and scholarships including Highly Commended Certificate, Youth for Peace Award, Australian Psychological Society (2020 – as co-creator), Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship (2020), University of Wollongong Postgraduate Award (UPA) (2019), Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship (Australia, 2011), and Art and Youth for Peace Award (Colombia, 2010).