Portrait of Christine Darcas

Christine Darcas

Christine Darcas has had fiction and non-fiction published in the US, Australia and elsewhere overseas. In the US, her short stories have been published in the Vermont Literary Review, THEMA, Potpourri, and the now-defunct Belletrist Review (which nominated that story for a Pushcart Prize).

Her fiction has also appeared in the Paris-based Upstairs at Duroc. Her memoir piece about her experience as a relief worker in Chad (where she met her husband Francois) is a chapter in the Orbis Books/Earthscan anthology Another Day in Paradise. Her 2006 Christmas Eve article in The Philadelphia Inquirer won ByLine Magazine’s 2006 Inspirational Article competition.

In Australia, Christine has freelanced for several publications including Melbourne’s Child, Business Franchise Magazine, DANCEtrain and WARCRY. The Age published her article on Tatura’s WWII internment camps in the Historic Victoria section and her work has also appeared in Sunday Life Magazine. She is completing her diploma in Creative Writing and Editing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.