Portrait of Chris Turney

Chris Turney

Australian earth scientist Chris Turney has written three books to critical acclaim – Bones, Rocks and Stars: The Science of When Things Happened; Ice, Mud and Blood: Lessons from Climates Past; and 1912: The Year the World Discovered Antarctica

Turney is passionate about science communication, contributing to the New York Times, the Times and New Scientist, and has an international following on social media under the Intrepid Science moniker. He is currently Professor of Climate Change and Earth Sciences at the University of New South Wales.

With over 160 scientific papers on environmental change, Turney has received numerous awards for his research, including the first INQUA Sir Nicholas Shackleton Medal for pioneering research into climate change (2007), the Geological Society of London’s Bigsby Medal (2009) and the Australian Academy of Science’s Frederick White Prize (2014).