Portrait of Casey Jenkins

Casey Jenkins

Jenkins is a performance artist, craftivist and rabble-rouser. She co-founded and runs radical craft group Craft Cartel, which aims to subvert and honour art techniques often disparaged as ‘women’s work’, has produced female-only biff-fest Femme Fight Club in Melbourne, Bristol and Berlin, queer-feminist podcast, Cunts In Space; founded the Knit Your Revolt craft activist group and Aussie branch of French satirical bearded feminist group La Barbe.

She is an active street artist, most notably with her Cunt Fling-Up work (crafted female genitalia attached to shoes and flung over power-lines in the manner gangs fling shoes) with which she has adorned the streets of London, New York, Berlin, and Paris, from the Eiffel Tower to Vatican City’s Basilica.

She recently launched a travelling craftivist workshop project, femiNEST, which will tour around the country hosting hands-on events where feminists can meet, skill-share and multiply.