Portrait of Bexx Djentuh-Davis

Bexx Djentuh-Davis

Bexx is a Maori/Ghanaian women currently residing in Melbourne. Her passion for inclusion has seen her curate and develop events as big as conferences, all with the aim to platform communities that are often forgotten. Ranging from club nights (Box Oceania in Aotearoa, Alterity collective MELB) to corporate and council spaces (Darebin Feast 2017–18, LISTEN conference 2016, Melbourne Fringe), she ensures as an event producer that spaces are as safe as possible for those attending. Prioritising young people, people of colour, people of faith, those with accessibility requirements and those who aren't out as queer, she understands the various ways in which consent plays in these spaces. 

Currently she is working in the community and youth sector, working on (in)visible (which centers queer, trans, intersex people of colour or QTIPOC) and queer international students and working with LISTEN to create their conference for early 2020.