Portrait of Becky Hoops

Becky Hoops

After completing a degree in International Development, Becky has come to the world of circus arts over 11 years ago, with a sincere curiosity for circus arts and a deep desire to make people laugh.  She now has a wide variety of performing experience, from corporate events, under the big top, festivals, cabarets to social circus missions; solo, duo and with groups.

Her main discipline is hula hoops, although she also practices acrobatic adagio, contact juggling and clown. Over the last 8 years she has written, created, performed and produced three different successful street shows.

Her passion is to combine circus skills with the exploration of comic characters and scenarios. Creating and performing these shows around the world has been an incredibly rich experience, in which she has learned to dialogue and communicate with diverse audiences with and without language. 

She has performed in many countries, including Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Japan, Sweden, to name a few.