Portrait of Aram Hosie

Aram Hosie

Currently serving as the Executive, Public Affairs at cohealth, Aram Hosie has over a decade’s experience working in the health and social service sectors across a range of service delivery, public policy, and senior leadership roles within both government and non-government organisations.  

Also a nationally renowned LGBTI advocate, Aram's work has particularly focussed on advancing the health and rights of transgender people. His work has included media advocacy, playing an instrumental role in the reform of Passports and Medicare policy, winning a High Court challenge to Western Australia's gender recognition laws, and advocating on HIV issues internationally. 


Named a 2015 Australian Human Rights Award Finalist in recognition of this work, Aram is a former Board Member for Thorne Harbour Health, former member of the MSMGF's International Trans and Gender Diverse Advisory Group, former Chair of the National LGBTI Health Alliance's Trans and Gender Diverse Reference Group, and current member of the Victorian Government's LGBTI Ministerial Taskforce.