Portrait of Ania Anderst

Ania Anderst

Ania was, until late 2015, one of the Wheeler Centre’s receptionists.

Before finding the Wheeler Centre, she used to feed the masses at one of Melbourne’s oldest food cooperatives, the Melbourne University Food Coop. When her two-year stint as coordinator ended there, she had a short-lived career as a bicycle courier in the summer of 2013.

She has interned at The Lifted Brow, performed spoken word poetry at the 2012 Australian Poetry Slam, and has edited a number of lesser known publications. She writes zines in her spare time, notably a romantic travel zine called Tour de Croc: Cycle Touring from Cairns to Cape Tribulation with Someone You Wish Would be Your Girlfriend.

She’s currently going steady with community radio station 3CR, co-hosting the Tuesday Breakfast Show andThe Radioactive Show.