Portrait of Andrew Weldon

Andrew Weldon

Andrew Weldon draws political and gag cartoons, and has written and illustrated childrens’ books.

His wide-ranging, news-based cartoon, The Strip appears weekly in The Sunday Age, and his political cartoons have appeared often in The Age. His work also appears regularly in The Big Issue Australia, on The Chaser’s website and their books, and on The Ink Group greeting cards. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Spectator, Private Eye, and Tango. He has published two collections of his gag cartoons I’m Sorry Little Man I Thought You Were A Hand-Puppet and If You Weren’t A Hedgehog… If I Weren’t A Haemophiliac… (Allen & Unwin), both of which have been subsequently published in the US. He lives in Melbourne and he smells funny.