Portrait of Amy Espeseth

Amy Espeseth

Amy Espeseth’s first novel, Sufficient Grace, was awarded the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript in 2009 and was published by Scribe in September 2012. An extract from her second novel, Trouble Telling the Weather, won the QUT Postgraduate Creative Writing Prize in 2010.

Amy was born in rural Wisconsin in 1974 and immigrated to Australia in 1998. She holds a MA in creative writing from the University of Melbourne, where she is a sessional tutor and PhD student. Her fiction has appeared in various journals, and she received the Felix Meyer Award for Literature in 2007.

Amy is the publisher at Vignette Press. Continuing Vignette’s sub-cultural journal series (including Sex Mook and Death Mook), Geek Mook was launched in late 2011. She lives in Footscray.