Portrait of Aadhya Wijegoonawardena

Aadhya Wijegoonawardena

Aadhya Wijegoonawardena is an emerging Artist in the Dance, Music Theatre and TV/Film Industries. She most recently appeared in ABC and Netflix’s new television series Why Are You Like This. Aadhya is also the Founder of Brown Paint, an Instagram and Podcast Platform inspired by her personal journey of coming into her identity as a young South Asian Artist and the cultural struggles that came along with that. Brown Paint hopes to inspire intra-cultural healing within the South Asian community through Art and the breaking down of traditional ideals within the culture, whilst presenting an alternative antidote to the issue of representation.

Most of all Aadhya’s mission is to inspire people to embrace their innate power, hold on to their childhood dreams, and live out their lives as truthfully and fully as possible.