Collage of three hands over a coloured background pointing to or holding squares containing different numbers of circles

Art: Kate Banazi

For this edition, our theme is Order.

It’s a word that brings to mind structure, organisation, command or subjugation. It’s both a state of being and a method of containment. Think: the natural order, alphabetical order, out of order. It’s a title, descriptor, an alternative. A holy order, a tall order, or law and order? It can be a direction, or a request. Get your house in order. Take your marching orders. The machine is out of order; should we order in? Order implies a set of values, to be followed or to be broken.

With ‘Order’, we're bringing you a special audio edition of Notes featuring layers of history, food and recollection.

Maddi Miller delves into the hidden stratigraphy of Melbourne, Nicole Pingon explores memory and sonic imagination, in relation to Yum Cha, and Karishma Luthria reflects on moments, travel and the fluidity of ‘home’.