Invasion of the Pod People

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at The Wheeler Centre


Back in 1996, Tripod was a cover band kicking around the Melbourne pub scene, belting out eccentric renditions of Elvis Costello, Queen and Beach Boys songs.

Funnier than your average musical act, more musical than your average comedy act and way nerdier than just about any other type of act – the band, comprising Scod (Scott Edgar), Yon (Simon Hall) and Gatesy (Steven Gates) defied categorisation.

The three carved out their own niche through regular segments on Triple J, blazing a weird, wonky trail in musical comedy. They’ve come along way since then – touring nationally and internationally and scooping up accolades at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and ARIA awards. Most recently, they’ve teamed up with Andrew Pogson to present their Perfectly Good Podcast, a series of songs, stories and recordings from live performances.

This year, Tripod turns 20 and Andrew Pogson will host them at a very special and hilarious Wheeler Centre celebration. Join us for a live recording of the Perfectly Good Podcast, and an evening of music, reminiscence and thoroughly weird birthday banter.


Portrait of Tripod


Tripod is a musical comedy trio, absorbing a broad range of performance styles into their armoury of parody, satire and improvisation. Their latest studio album is Men of Substance, and in early 2013, they starred in the title role of The Dragon (Malthouse Theatre).

Portrait of Andrew Pogson

Andrew Pogson

Andrew Pogson has been working in the music industry for over 20 years, ten of those with orchestras - it has only made him stronger. At present he works for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and produces the orchestra’s special events. Previous projects have included shows with artists including Sting, Randy Newman, Tim Minchin, Flight Facilities, DJ Jeff Mills and DJ Derrick May, Human Nature, Nick Cave and Kurt Elling. Andrew has also been responsible as producer and director for many world premieres with the MSO such as The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, Video Games Unplugged, The Wiggles meet the MSO and This Gaming Life with music comedy trio Tripod. 

Invasion of the Pod People

In the last few years, podcasts have matured into the storytelling format du jour – with a little help from a certain sensationally popular true crime serial (ahem). Yet the surge of interest and excitement around audio features and podcasts has been gaining momentum for even longer, propelled by a diversity of formats.

Take the narrative artisanship of This American Life or the sonic vivacity of Radiolab; the topical deep dives of Slate’s Culture Gabfest or Phillip Adams’s Late Night Live; the animated storytelling of The Moth or Sum of All Parts; or the intimate conversations found in Death, Sex and Money or WTF with Marc Maron. The influence of these and countless other shows can be felt in today’s most interesting podcasts (insert shameless plug for the Wheeler Centre’s own successful forays into richly-produced feature-making, including Andrew Denton’s Better Off Dead, and The Messenger, here). 

Beloved for their sense of proximity, their active listenership, portability and in some cases, ambitiously-crafted audio, podcasts have a unique ability to keep listeners in the company of their own choosing – and to render mundane tasks bearable. And since design show 99% Invisible’s record-breaking Kickstarter campaigns – podcasts have also shown promise in otherwise dim times for media businesses. What’s next for podcasting – and how could it be done better?

In celebration of all things audible, we’re bringing you some of podcasting’s best and brightest to share their thoughts and insights on the art (and business) of listening. 


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