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Children and Leadership

This event originally scheduled for Thursday 4 November has been rescheduled for 30 March 2022.

What do children think a leader is and does? What influences these ideas and how do they develop throughout the primary school years?

This session is for primary school educators, parents, and anyone interested in discovering how their child engages with the world. It provides insights into understanding children’s thinking about leaders and the ways that children learn to conceptualise leadership between the ages of five and twelve.

Led by leadership cognition and child development expert Claudia Escobar Vega, participants will consider the varied perceptual dimensions of leadership, and the characteristics and influences that shape a child’s understanding of the leaders around them.

By learning what attributes children expect from the leaders they interact with, parents and educators will be able to effectively model this behaviour and better strategise when choosing or designing leadership programs and services, giving necessary consideration to leadership development for future generations.

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Portrait of Claudia Escobar Vega

Claudia Escobar Vega

Claudia Escobar Vega has a PhD in leadership cognition and child development and works as a research fellow and casual academic at Deakin University Business School. Claudia's areas of research include leadership cognition, implicit leadership theory, child development, and socially constructed theories of leadership.

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