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Judith Rossell’s Stella Montgomery

In the Stella Montgomery series of children’s books (Withering-by-Sea, Wormwood Mire), our tough, inquisitive protagonist finds herself thrust into whirlwinds of mystery and adventure; danger and intrigue never more than an overgrown path or a dark secret away. The books intrepid readers will recognise the feeling well.

Did you know, though, that Stella Montgomery’s award-winning creator – Melburnian Judith Rossell – used to be a government scientist? That before she spun Stella’s twisted tales, she spun cotton? Or that she’s illustrated more than 80 books?

Add some Wheeler Kids colour to your school holidays. In this event – part conversation, part workshop – you’ll have the chance to hear from Judith about how she creates her colourful and peculiar worlds. Find out how she approaches storytelling through both words and illustration, what feeds her enigmatic plots … and why aunts and cousins are just so suss.

This event is perfect for children aged 8-12, but open to all ages.


Portrait of Judith Rossell

Judith Rossell

Judith Rossell is the bestselling author-illustrator of the much-loved, award-winning children’s book, Withering-By-Sea. She has written 12 books, and illustrated more than 80.

Wheeler Kids

Immersion in literacy is one of the most important factors in determining the outcome of a child’s future – and nurturing a love of books and reading is part of that. Also, kids plus books and writing equals fun. We’re delighted to be presenting a series of events for the younger readers in your life: Wheeler Kids. Roll up and enjoy!


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