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Danny Katz and Mitch Vane: Little Lunch workshop

The typical Australian primary school recess break lasts 15 minutes. That’s not a lot of time … and yet so many amazing, revolting, bizarre and ridiculous events are unfolding on schoolyards across this country, every single day of the school year.

Author Danny Katz and illustrator Mitch Vane revealed the hilarious truth behind the primary school recess break in the stories in their Little Lunch series of books, now a TV show on ABC3. Many of the tales were inspired by accounts of real-life schoolyard happenings from real Australian kids. Now, Danny and Mitch are coming to the Wheeler Centre to meet face-to-face with schoolyard troublemakers, accomplices and innocent-bystanders (and probably steal more of their stories.)

At this event for primary-aged kids, Danny and Mitch will share some funny behind-the-scenes insights on creating the Little Lunch books, before working with the audience to create a new communal story. There’ll be drawing, there’ll be hilarious yarn-spinning and there’ll be a lot of laughing. Suitable for ages 5–10.

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Portrait of Danny Katz

Danny Katz

Danny Katz, Canadian-born, came to Australia at a young age. After failed careers as a musician, stand-up comedian and car washer, he finally turned to writing and became a newspaper columnist for the Age, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Western Australian.

He is also the author of S.C.U.M.Spit the DummyLittle Lunch, and The Poppa Platoon series for children.

Portrait of Mitch Vane

Mitch Vane

Mitch Vane has had a long career working as an illustrator and artist. She works in a variety of media, but is at her happiest drawing with a good old-fashioned dip pen and Indian ink. 

Wheeler Kids

Immersion in literacy is one of the most important factors in determining the outcome of a child’s future – and nurturing a love of books and reading is part of that. Also, kids plus books and writing equals fun. We’re delighted to be presenting a series of events for the younger readers in your life: Wheeler Kids. Roll up and enjoy!


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