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So What If … Melbourne Was Underwater?

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Photo of the panellists

From left: Andi Horvath, Erin O'Donnell, Karen White and David Sornig — Photo: Scott Limbrick

The experts have spoken – there’s no doubt the water is rising. But what will it mean for Melburnians?

Your suburban backyard might not be growing seaweed, but the effects will be felt across our city as we adapt to new ways of being. What might rising water levels mean for our ports and for waste management? How will our roads and sewage systems be affected? Will we see a new wave of migration from other Australian cities that have been hit even harder? The reality of our future is upon us – how will we stay afloat?

Presented in partnership with Melbourne Knowledge Week, and featuring Erin O'Donnell, Karen White, David Sornig and host Andi Horvath.

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